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BMore R & B Artist Mornin Afta Drops The Plugs Daughter

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Mornin Afta Shares His Thoughts On B-More Artists And Releases New Single “Plug’s Daughter. “Plugs Daughter” – MorninAfta is produced by Gimmedakeyz produced and MorninAfta mixed and recorded Chuckieewilliams. In a recent article, on Mornin Afta states that his music video is an amazing plot twist that takes you into the life of dating a kingpin’s daughter. This music video was directed by Mornin Afta himself and it’s all about the plug. So it’s out now if you haven’t seen it yet. I am talking to the plug and I tell him I want to get out of the game and pursue my music career. The plug tells me that I can get out but he needs me to make a drop to the cartel on Friday. He tells me he loves me like his son and I can have everything I want except his daughter. However, throughout the week leading up to Friday, the plugs daughter and I are hanging out. After the drop I am followed by a guy sent by the plug to my crib and the guy shoots at me and I shoot back but I didn’t get shot instead the plugs daughter gets shot. So the point is the plug was trying to hurt me but ended up ending himself instead. Mornin Afta’s Publicist Avery MsArtistry states Mornin Afta is a true talent who has emerged his many talents and will strategically share it with the world.

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