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I.C.E.M.a.n 745 Intends To Get The Bag And “Chase It”

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Maryland artist I.C.E.M.a.n 745 dropped an energetic new single titled “Chase It” which encourages listeners to pursue their dreams. In a htic 2020 the music artist had to reevaluate the way he proceeded to chase his goals and thus wanted to express it via music. 


“With every dream to make it in music and goals pointed towards making it, I must ‘Chase It’ like the title of the single suggests,” he said. 745 continues with, “you have to be methodical with every move you make and I encourage my fans to ‘Chase It’ with me but do it wisely.”


Aside from a new single, the Maryland artist has a plethora of new music waiting to be released for the 4th quarter of 2020 so he asks his fans and new potential fans to stay tuned. To go along with the new single, he has a copasetic new video that adds a unique perspective to it. 


The young artist is excited to use this to catapult his Q4 of music set to drop. 

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