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Bad Neighbors Is “Blacked Out” In Dark New Video

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Rage and Khaos, the punk rap duo that composes Bad Neighbors from Alabama release a hell-raising new single titled “Blacked Out” produced by Bugz Ronin. 


Along with the rambunctious track, the duo debut a new erie music video directed by Off Ghani that delivers scenic grim vibes. 


Mysterious and dark, Bad Neighbors melodic sounds blend in smoothly with Ronin’s unique production that curates a melodramatic sound that separates the young duo apart from the competition. Bad Neighbors want to be pigeon holed from the rest of their hip hop comrades and this latest single serves that purpose well. 


Serving as a follow-up to “Geeked On Blood,” Bad Neighbors’s “Black Out” grants the ascending punk rap tag team a push towards worldwide fame. The single is available on all digital streaming platforms, and the official video is on YouTube. 

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