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A Breath of Fresh Air: Kendall Joshua – A Gem to The Music Industry

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‘Age is just a number’ is one of the most common sayings of all times. It’s interesting how, when one is considering themselves, age seems meaningless. But it’s quite the opposite when the same situation is applied to any other individual. The positive way one looks at themselves isn’t really how he perceives others of the same age. As a result, most people believe that this quote is limited to just words and doesn’t apply to real life. Contrary to popular belief, this statement is nothing but true.

This world has given us uncountable examples of inspiring youngsters that have taken the world by the storm. Such individuals have proved that it is the minds that are small, not an age number. In fact, truth be told, dreams don’t look at the age. They exist to be lived. Once there is a drive inside an individual to live their dream, there’s nothing in this world that can stop them from achieving what might feel unachievable at the beginning.

A Voice for the Youth

Among such inspiring individuals is Kendall Joy Joshua, a 19-year-old rap artist, songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. Breaking all stereotypes, she has been making waves in the music world with her insane amount of talent.

Joshua, born on July 22, 2001, to Timothy and Sydney, entered into the music scene when she was a child. At the age of 6, she got her first MIDI keyboard, and since then, no circumstance or hurdle has been powerful enough to blow the fire inside her. As Nike says: “Willpower knows no obstacles. Find your greatness.”

The New-York based artist drew her inspiration from the talented Kendrick Lamar and Kraftwerk the band. With her hopes high and chin up, she entered the music industry. During middle-school, Joshua collaborated with her friend, Trillian Wood Smith, producing tracks. The middle school duo came together and called themselves, The Phenom Society. At the age of 14, she released her first mix-tape known as “Kenosis.”
Unique instrumentals and poetic lyricism have been among the strong traits of Joshua’s musical knowledge throughout her journey. Through her internal motivation to learn and experience new things, Joshua has fascinated millions of people and artists with her melodious voice.

The “Unstoppable”

At an early age, when youngsters aren’t expected to understand ‘real issues,’ Joshua has created songs that are too powerful not to be noticed. “Fire X Ice,” “Aamon’s Lane,” and “I Explode” are some of her songs that revolve around real-world issues such as suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety. She states: “My generation’s biggest issues are the internal battles and inevitable loneliness we face as a result of being connected and plugged into everything that we don’t even feel ourselves.” In such an environment, Joshua’s songs are a breath of fresh air for young people, giving them hope.

2019 has been a super successful year for Joshua. With her album GANAR release, she earned worldwide acclamation and acknowledgment, creating a global fan-base and reaching new heights of fame and success.
Only a few people in this world dedicate their progress, not to just themselves but the people around them. Kendall belongs to such individuals, who aim to bring a change and want to inspire a ‘more woke generation.’ She wants to lay the foundations for the next generation as a role model who speaks for the right, lives her dream, and works towards a better world.

Talent is limitless. Neither does it have any boundaries nor any restrictions. Wanting to give her fans more than she’s already giving through music, Joshua has recently released her clothing line known as “F.E.A.R. is Nothing but the Atmosphere.” Through her clothing line, Joshua incorporates her social presence with music, giving the audience a “beauty of nature.” Additionally, spreading her wings even further, Joshua has debuted in” A Teenage Story” as Rainbow.

Kendall Joy Joshua has earned success and global applause in such a short span of her career. Whether it be music, movies, or entrepreneurship, Joshua is ready to break all barriers making herself unstoppable. This makes one wonder if this is just the beginning; what is going happen next? As they say: When the talent flows, nobody can put a stop to it.

Talent can never be contained in a bottle. Kendall Joshua is a prime example of such a case. If a person’s will is strong, it is capable of moving mountains. Kendall has shown the world that the real challenge is to get out of one’s comfort zone and not let anything as minor as an age number stand in the way of achieving their dreams. Remember, “Willpower; it has bigger power than you think, much bigger.” Kendall Joshua is ready
to set a new benchmark in the music industry with her tremendous success rate and form.

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