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Sylus Modlin Shakes Up The Hair Care Industry With 2-6 King Wavy

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2-6 King Wavy is a brand built by a young, gifted, veteran named Sylus Modlin from Fayetteville, NC. He’s a spiritual business man that has established a premium hair care product line with goals of becoming a household name that his kids can one day spearhead. He’s been in the hair care industry a little over 3 years, and even though he’s had previous businesses, this one has been one that he’s most passionate about. Sylus, comes from a 2 parent upbringing, and gained a lot of his core values from his father who was in the military and most of his spiritual gifts from his mother. Being an entrepreneur Sylus, has learned that he has to lean more on the spirit to keep him going. Up until recently his 2-6 King Wavy brand was just a side business, but he realized that “God” gave him the ability to create a world of his own and be his own author of his story’, and no longer will he waste it on doing anything he’s not passionate about.

A brief interview with Sylus:

Q: Where are you from ?

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Q: Where were you born?

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Q: What got you into entrepreneurship?

I’ve always wanted the luxury to work for myself and build something I can pass down to my kids.

Q: Any recent accomplishments?

I just recently hit 100k in sales October 15, 2020 and I just started my business a little over a year ago January 11, 2019!

Q: What are your future goals?

To own more companies and create generational wealth within the stock market and real estates investments!

Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic effected you and your business?

I’m an Ecommerce business so I guess folks got bored of lock down and my sales with sky rocket!

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