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Larry Thompson Sr, Activist Pushing For Change and Development In All Communities

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Larry Thompson Sr was born in Raleigh but raised in Montrose, Mississippi. Now being a father of two, he currently resides in Colorado where he does his work.

Thompson Sr is notable for a numerous amount of roles but to name a few:

Vice President of the Colorado Young Democrats

Chairman of City of Littleton NGAC

CEO of Minority Lenses (Non-Profit)

Thompson Sr is focused on organizing and actively involving the community with leadership. His efforts for making the uncomfortable conversations, comfortable is also assisting him in connecting as a candidate to future constituents.

Overall, the main objective he looks to achieve is creating an equitable structure to help build black social equity and capital. Doing this while liberating poverty through redistribution of financial literacy, social liberation and empowerment. Thompson Sr plans to put forth the focus on converting the trauma of the past into fuel, to press the gauges of change in today’s society.

The only way for Thompson Sr to achieve this is by, “getting more civic engagement and involvement by holding county chair positions, running for office and creating grassroots networks using the system designs to resist the proponents of change”.

Effort and involvement is Larry Thompson Sr’s main method for taking the chance to blossom the society into something that’s equitable for all as social purgatories are faced amongst us.

The development he hopes to make will not only be in the African American community but the deep roots of all marginalized communities through the efforts of collective organizing and supporting initiatives that reflect the values.

To learn more and remain updated on Thompson Sr and his next tasks, his Instagram is listed below:

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