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Kasey Marcelle: The Sound of NYC

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Kasey Marcelle is no stranger to the fast pace and bright lights of the New York City entertainment and music scene. He has introduced Planet Brooklyn with his smooth voice and glittery delivery. His popularity is rising quickly and undoubtedly, more and more people now are tuning him. He is hot and has vibes of another world.

Kasey Marcelle is currently independent and planning to work on something amazing. However, his current music release is the EP on 10/02/20 titled “iamKaseyMarcelle”. This 6 songs’ project is a unique way of introducing Kasey Marcelle to the broader audience. Amazingly, this is doing well on all music streaming platforms.

Kasey Marcelle is from Bed- stuy, Brooklyn. Bed- stuy Brooklyn has bred amazingly talented people such as Biggie, Fabolous, Jay-Z. Kasey Marcelle and Fabolous are from the same housing project. Kasey Marcelle is around for a while, but in present, with people fighting for attention, it was never easier for him to make his space as the sound of NYC.

He has been singing as a kid throughout his life. Her mother knew that he would become a singer since his childhood when he came to his mother’s knee and sang a melody rather than saying his first.

However, he started recording once he believed in himself. People started hearing and liking him. Fabolous has always been a supportive person for him. While he has been making music since 2011, professionally.· Kasey Marcelle’s music inspiration is a party and his vibes because he feels together people create a common vibe.

· He says when people are together with that vibe, then it doesn’t matter who you are and he is always there for that.

“The Streets” was his life’s most challenging part because he hustled all his life to get used to a certain lifestyle, unhealthy thought patterns, behaviors, etc. because there are specific things impossible to do in this industry.

PentagramMusicGroupLLC forming is Kasey Marcelle’s greatest achievement because it is providing him and plenty of other talented people to reach the world. These are the people who are looking for a better way to showcase their talent.

Kasey Marcelle does some of his beats, lyrics to himself, however, sometimes he gets these done by his writers and musicians.

He wants to work with Drake not because he comes with near money-back guarantee, but because of his next level talent. He admires Drake so much that he would even love to mimic his fluidness too.

Kasey Marcelle feels just like his audience. His fans usually get surprised when they meet him. Because he is so real. By being from Brooklyn, he comes up with a specific taste-making that can’t be faked. His realness translates his music to the people. Therefore, people can feel him more.

Kasey Marcelle knows his art. He is a loving soul, and he is ambitious to get going and bring a lot more for his fans.

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