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Devontaii Releases New Single “Brown Sugar Thang”

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Devontaii releases his latest R&B single for the next generation of R&B music fans. “Brown Sugar Thang”, is the next big music record coming out of Miami, FL., with so many talented music artists delivering from Dade County.

Devontaii, originally from Miami, FL., has been doing music since he was 12 years old. With music as his passion and what he loves, the music he performs is influenced by his life experiences and love for the craft.

“Brown Sugar Thang”, is a blend of soulful words and catchy melodic chords, that will make you want to dance and get intimate. The song creates an ambiance and vibe of a romance story like no other. Devontaii delivers the vocals to a true masterpiece for the R&B genre of music. The song embodies the perfect date night vibe when a man is into his woman the way that he should be.


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