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Get Gutta – “Suffocation” (Official Video)

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South Carolina rapper Get Gutta prepares for a full-length release in 2021 with the lead, titled, “Suffocation”. A socially-charged visual about what is currently going on in pop culture. Gutta displays a bold presences that express enough is enough and it is time for a change. A period track, Get Gutta recalls the current events gripping America ranging from a deadly pandemic and social injustice. “Suffocation” speaks on the overwhelming attacks and the fear that it will consume us. In the song, Gutta’s raps are precise, motivational and painful as he encourages us to continue to fight in the world’s darkest hour. “When weight training you inhale at the starting position and then exhale while you’re pushing the weight. Proper breathing is very important,” Gutta says. “Sometimes we get so caught up in the amount of weight placed on us as a people, we forget to breathe in order to move the weight. Causing us to Suffocate. Breathe…”

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