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Milian Beatz Releases Make It Work and Nothin’ New, Details Upcoming Projects

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Maximilian Rostopora, known in the music industry as Milian Beatz, is a Ukraine-born hip-hop producer now based out of Los Angeles. In recent years, Milian Beatz has been grinding in the LA hip-hop scene, looking to make it big as a producer, as working in the music industry has been his life’s dream. After putting in Kanye West-like hours to his beat making, Milian Beatz had a breakout 2019 and is in the middle of an impressive 2020 as well, with two major collaborations under his belt.

The first of these tracks is his release with frequent collaborator Ursa the Chef. While it is not the first time working with Ursa the Chef, the track’s title seemingly works as an oxymoron from its sound. Nothin’ New is 2-minute-long track built upon a deep bass line, which is layered upon by fluctuating voice samples and a classic drum programming. Ursa the Chef doesn’t take a break throughout the track’s entirety, and, as a whole, Nothin’ New shows uniqueness from both of the artists, who take a new direction with its release.

The second release form this year is with rising West African R&B artist Papithbk. The new track has Milian Beatz leading Papithbk towards a new style from his usual low-key, XXXTentacion style of production. Make It Work is a high tempo, bouncy style track with a soft vocal sample and hard-hitting bass and drums. Papithbk raps about finding success on your own, even when others are trying to hold you back, something Milian Beatz is quite familiar with. 

With more on his plate for the rest of the year, Milian Beatz has been working at Kanye West-like levels when it comes to his production. Not only does the Ukraine-born producer have more singles lined up with artists like Lil Cobaine and Brandon Bill$, he is also currently producing a joint project with Atlanta rapper Skippa da Flippa, who gained fame through his work with Lil Yachty, Young Thug, and Quavo.

The future is looking bright for Milian Beatz, so keep up with him on his Instagram and check out the new tracks on his Spotify.  

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