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Dallas-based Rapper, Meka Jackson, Shares Powerful New Visual, “Hoolies In Matrix”

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Watch the politically charged, self-directed music video below for “Hoolies In Matrix” below, and support the single on streaming platforms here.
As we approach the forthcoming Presidential election, Dallas, TX-based rapper, Meka Jackson hopes to send a jarring message to listeners those that are “blue-pilled,” and appear to be going through life with ignorant bliss.
With his latest Chris Rich Beats-produced single, “Hoolies in the Matrix,” Meka Jackson offers listeners an abrasive reminder of the real systems of oppression we are up against, encouraging viewers to seek knowledge for ourselves and not mindlessly absorb what televisions and the internet presents to us.
“Hoolies In Matrix” chronicles the often unaddressed cycle of the prison industrial complex in America. Sharing his own perspective on the mentality, crime, street code, ethics and divide and conquer mechanisms historically designed to keep us trapped in their agenda, the single and cover art is heavily inspired by the 1999 cult classic film, ‘The Matrix.’

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