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Calli Dubb Talks About Self-Image In Music, Does It Really Matter?

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A strong self-image is the best possible preparation for success. Things always start working out the moment we start appreciating ourselves. Everybody deserves a bit of affection and love, but it has to come from within us. Cali Dubb believes this is where a positive self-image comes from.. He says that a successful music career depends on how creatives like him perceive themselves, both on and off the stage.

Cali Dubb is a rapper, gradually making a name for himself in the music industry. He is a young soul, always working hard to reinvent himself as a modern-day performer. For Cali Dubb, music is a means of influencing the audience to adopt a particular way of life. He has been using his limelight to show younger generations the power of a positive self-image.

With the immense competition currently in the hip hop music genre, it is easy for upcoming talents to give up and forget their ambitions. Cali Dubb insists that artists have to overcome the imposter syndrome if they are to maintain a level of consistency in the game. He adds that they have to understand they are the experts of their art; no one can explain their preferences, approach, and performance strategy. The marketing process will always be challenging, mistakes will happen, but a musician should never feel inadequate. Every story, and every experience should be a platform to grow. Cali Dubb insists that believing in oneself through it all leads to inevitable prosperity.

As you grow, challenge yourself to try unfathomable things. Self-confidence comes when you prove yourself that you can do it. When you know your competence as a musician, you immediately get out of your comfort zone and develop a sense of self-awareness. Cali Dubb has learned this the hard way, always pushing himself past the fear of failure and embarrassment by doing the most difficult tasks. He has performed for large crowds, moments that unraveled his innate strength as an artist. Cal Dubb reminds everyone that a good self-image should trigger your motivation that subsequently enables you to break through any obstacle that threatens your ambitions.

Aside from all that, Cali Dubb still believes in the power of support groups and mentors. These are people who cheer him up whenever he feels like giving up; they hold him accountable if he fails. He asks for help whenever he needs it and does not feel guilty about it. With a social circle that reminds you of your being and purpose in life, your self-image automatically improves. Affirmations from them convince you that anything is possible.

Indeed, self-image and music cannot be separated. Cali Dubb puts himself on top of his to-do list every day and everything else usually falls into place. He has learned to appreciate himself, his accomplishments, and failures. This has been the source of his confidence, and he wants all musicians to follow suit.

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