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A Sinner Symphony: The Incoming, Much Anticipated Album From Musicbyfortune

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Musicbyfortune, an artist from Long Island, NY has fought against the tendency for people to box him into one genre his whole career, as they try to control his artistic leeway.  However, this versatile artist hopes to display his range on his new album A Sinner Symphony


A Sinner Symphony is Musicbyfortune’s follow up to his latest mixtape Fame & Fortune and EP Fortunately Rich.  He hopes listeners will feel relatable emotions that they can take with them and convert into positive creativity and uplifting vibes.  Though an independent artist, Musicbyfortune’s connections with the industry are present on this work with rumored collaborations with producers like Turbo, Cash Money AP, and Zaytoven and popular artists such as Lil Tjay and Relle Bey.  This album is sure to captivate listeners with its melodic and emotional tracks and creative music videos to further the visuals, substance, and authenticity. 

Keep up with Musicbyfortune on Spotify, Youtube, SoundCloud, and Instagram here.


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