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Whopperme, The Golden Model, Talks About Her Accomplishments And Dreams

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To be in a world that is constantly trying to make us something else is perhaps the greatest accomplishment. Searching for purpose is the starting point in our pursuit of success. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but trying, and at times failing, is enough. Work harder but smarter than everyone else in the room. There is no greater feeling than actualizing our dreams after risking it all. These are affirmations from Whopperme, a model who has established a name for herself in an industry characterized by immense competition and frustration.

Andrea Young, aka Whopperme, is a 19-year-old from South Bend, Indiana, who models swimsuits and clothing for prominent fashion brands. Her modelling style is sexy, with a bit of a thirst trap that she attributes to her physique. Whopperme is a product of her creativity and passion, attributes that she uses to entertain her audience. Her primary objective is to remind young talents, just like her, that anything is possible.

She has been in the modelling business for a year and has already rubbed shoulders with prominent people in the business. Whopperme has collaborated with @itsannemoore, the famous Instagram model, who introduced her to the dynamics of social media influencing. Since then, the platform has been her marketing base, occasionally posting photos illustrating her career as a model. The engagements eventually landed her a serious gig as a vixen in Lil Baby’s ‘Woah’ video. She attests that the experience was rather overwhelming as it was her first time to perform in such a manner as a model. However, Whopperme showed everyone her positivity, a mindset that enabled her to beat all odds as a beginner. This was immediately recognized by the producers who have since referred her to other hip-hop artists to do similar roles.

Whopperme believes that her accomplishments mostly come about because she does not care who gets the credit. Modelling is all about promoting a person or entity above her, which is the harsh reality of the profession. Whopperme strives to be accomplished without showing off, without any bit of arrogance, and without forcing things to happen. It is a mentality that she hopes will land her roles in a couple of television shows and movies within the next five years. Before then, she wants to start an online adult shop that will give her a chance to explore the entrepreneurship realm.

The world is moving so fast these days, any person who says it cannot be done will be overtaken by someone doing it. Whopperme is doing great, and this goes on to show her potential!

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