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The Man Behind LX Xander’s Face Tattoo

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The face of modern Hip-Hop has changed – it has to be inked. 

Tattooing has always had a big place in Hip-Hop – from the Mister Cartoon tattoos worn by  everyone from Eminem to 50 Cent, to the modern day, where a lot of rappers and producers are  now taking ink to their faces. We thought we’d catch-up with tattoo artist Ace Connell and ask  him about tattooing trap producer LX Xander’s face

“He railroaded me into it” laughs Ace as we chat about his experience with LX. “I’m known for my  black and grey wildlife tattoos. It’s something I’ve developed over a long time and it’s a place I’m  happy being. I’m not known for script and it’s very rare I use color nowadays – he wanted script…  in color”. Ace recollected ”He buttered me up and told me there’s a small amount of people he’d  trust to tattoo his face and that I was one of them. The moral of the story is: massage my ego and  I’ll do anything for anyone” joked Ace. 

LX’s tattoo is a huge statement of his commitment to producing Hip-Hop – he has ‘808’ above his  right eye in blood red gothic script.  

“Working with LX was fun” smiled Ace “he’s tall, dark, and now I’ve branded his face – he’s  handsome”.  

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