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LX Xander Signs 4 New Producers To Ghostcraft Music

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Following recent changes to his team, infamous British-born music producer LX Xander (now with ‘808’ tatted proudly above his eye!) has this week signed four up & coming beatmakers to his production house, Ghostcraft Music.

A Billboard-charting company that also provides artist & producer development, Ghostcraft’s credits includes hiphop royalty (including Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane & Rick Ross), new school artists (Caskey, Baby Goth) and a variety of TV credits (VH1, VICE, FOX) to boot.

“I signed these guys based on two things only,” LX told us, regarding his decision. “The first is that they make fire as fuck beats. The second is that they make them fast. That’s all there is to it… I didn’t sign them because they were big on social media, or because they had major credits. None of them are already established in the industry… I brought them onto my team because they were able to deliver what I needed, at the pace I needed them to. Performance, consistency, reliability. It’s a lot harder to find than you’d think.”

The four producers are: ChefKeys (Vancouver), Maskibeats (Los Angeles), NoFraudCheck (New Jersey), Bell Weather (Florida). “I’m about to get all four of these guys major placements,” boasts LX. “I send them loops every week, they flip ‘em. I pick the strongest of the beats they send me back and I email them out to major labels, artists & managers, alongside my own tracks. With the relationships I’ve built within the industry already and the credibility associated with the Ghostcraft brand, it’s only a matter of time until something lands for them.”

And they’re not typical deals, either. “The contracts are really simple and really flexible,” Xander assures us. “I’m not interested in locking anyone into something that might make it difficult for them to grow. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement… and they’re also able to use the clout of the Ghostcraft name for their own branding, too.”

You can follow LX Xander, Ghostcraft and the four producers via their Instagram handles below:


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