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Smackwater & Music Monopoly – “The Soundtrack To The Revolution”

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Smackwater, (self-proclaimed as the “Realest Ni@@a On The Gram) and Music Monopoly (a blazing Instagram page covering the latest trends in music, culture, and Fashion) have come together to present a project for the ages entitled “The Soundtrack To The Revolution”. The album compilation is a combination of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” and NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton.”

The purpose of the album is to rile up and motivate the masses as it touches on relevant subjects like the current climate of the US, police brutality, systemic oppression, and the urgent need for cultural change. One listen will make it clear that the mission for this musical composition is to launch a movement of societal strength and to empower American citizens to rise to injustice, combat corruption, and influence their communities with positivity.

The artists featured on the album form a collection of musical geniuses and inspirational individuals who desire for their messages of hope and truth to be heard. Album artists include: SmackWater, a no-nonsense man of the people with a blunt lyrical delivery, Kidricc James, a talented rapper/singer who is also a decorated veteran, Devios, a street revolutionist and cultural activist, Divine Justice, a provider of truth, honesty and wisdom, LaDy a gifted songstress with undeniable talent, B Young, a raw talent, fresh home from a 25 year bid with something to say, Raw Life known as “the ripper,” Icece, a cool pimped out wordsmith, J Blacc a natural born talent, Tay G a microphone assassin sure to be mentioned amongst the greats, Kaila Mayne, a melodious OG with an impressive resume, Dubblenut, a soon to be household name, Mercury Mac, an intellectual rhyme slayer, T J Boyce, the cocky panty dropping crooner, Kaleb Israel Tha God,a brilliant spoken word poet, and Rush Poverty’s Poet, a spokesman of the struggle.

This diverse arrangement of artists showcases the heart behind musical creation, the truth of life’s realities, and the impact music can make on listeners. The main producers of Soundtrack to The Revolution are Antoine Jijuane, Sudari Scott, Mike B (multi-platinum producer), and Mo Drinx. Each of these individuals has played major roles within the music industry and have worked with a range of remarkable artists throughout their flourishing careers.

This album presents a variety of standout songs that highlight cultural controversies, pressing societal issues, and personal reflections. The song, Kill for a Kill, focuses on victims of police violence. The track Karen conveys the “Karen” stigmas who call the police for no valid reason. Power to the People is a unifying hit featuring the multi-platinum southern legend, Paul Wall.

The melody King and Queen is a smooth love song written and produced to uplift listeners and encourage appreciation for one another. All artists and producers on this album have collaborated with one vision – to shed light on the present societal tragedies and cultivate progressive transformations with their voices, lyrical expertise, and musical skills.

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