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Frisky The Rapper – “Ready to Die”

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The marriage of hip hop and country has become increasingly popular, but few artists have made as compelling a track as the latest single from Frisky The Rapper. Equal parts Tarantino-esque western soundtrack and hip hop crime drama, ‘Ready To Die’ permanently erases the line between genres.

“As soon as I arrive, bullets flyin” Frisky calmly states, and like a hip hop Johnny Cash he states: “this town is mine.”

It’s no surprise that ‘Ready To Die’ plays out like a movie, considering it was inspired by the story of Bonnie and Clyde. Frisky’s swagger is magnetic and impossible to ignore as he draws you into a wildly re-imagined version of the west. This is just the latest example of Frisky’s ability to create all-encompassing worlds through his music.  


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