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Diverse Display: Case. and the “REER” Project.

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After a fairly recent start to his career, Brooklyn rapper Casey Incle or Case. is looking to demonstrate his talent on a new EP titled “REER”.  Casey’s diverse Hispanic upbringing and life experience, including military deployment to Afghanistan, contribute to a unique sound and message.  He states, “Depending on the track I want people to feel what I’m portraying. My feelings and my emotion. All of my tracks I always base off an experience. I want people to be inspired and show that if you work hard you can do it also”.


Case.’s upcoming release is a play on the word “Veer” which means a sudden change in direction.  He feels that this project will show a new side to his artistry and talent.  The records on this EP display Casey’s range as an artist with each song taking its own unique sound.  It is a collection full of enjoyment and cheerfulness along with heartbreak and resentment sure to resonate with audiences. 


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