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Christopher McGinnis and His Life as a Professional Musician

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Christopher McGinnis has been considering a professional music career for just short of 20 years. Discovering his first gifts at five years old, Christopher slowly evolved into a “do it all” type of musician. While remaining fully independent, Christopher McGinnis writes, produces, engineers, and sings all of his music – all while still making time to play the piano. While he was able to accumulate over 500,000 followers on Instagram and over a million views on YouTube, he has also managed to become a musical director for a New York church over the past eight years.

Starting in the music industry at such a young age opened doors for Christopher that many others could only dream of. He sold out shows at the young age of thirteen, played music all over jazz clubs in NYC, and performed at big venues like MSG, DigiFest, Playlist Live, and Bitter End. It really came at no surprise that he has been able to accumulate such a fanbase and following online.

The 23-year-old sensation just released five new tracks that are out on all platforms. These tracks are full of upbeat tempos and good vibe sounds, spreading positivity to the world through his sounds and beats. Christopher produced and released all five tracks with the intention of making his fans and audience feel happy. “Do what makes you happy. That’s the way I live my life, and that’s all I really want for others too,” Christopher McGinnis says.

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