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Hip Hop Artist PeacefulPinder Has Overcome Adversity and has Cultivated Inner Peace

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From a young age Derek Pinder aka “PeacefulPinder” has defied all odds in his journey to creating a life he loves to live. A unique battle in a household that was plagued by alcohol, drugs, and crime, made for a toxic environment ever since he can remember. PeacefulPinder uses his music as a way to help others make it through rough waters and show that you can cultivate inner peace for yourself no matter the circumstances.

Overcoming challenges is nothing new for PeacefulPinder. Throughout his life he has overcome and shown adversity against the physical abuse, emotional neglect, and federal agent/social workers constantly being around. All of these factors played a role in stress and negative energy that was consuming him inside. Despite the long, hard journey PeacefulPinder has made it out and continues to transpire positivity and a peace-based life.

PeacefulPinder has had anything but an “easy” path to success. Coming from a broken home that fell victim to many societal flaws, an absent father, and an alcoholic/drug-addicted mother is what has built PeacefulPinder to the self-starter that he is. He has always had a passion for Hip-Hop. During High School and the beginning of college, he would freestyle at parties and write poetry in his free time. He used the positive feedback that he received from other people to drive him into making music. In early 2017 he took his self-starter mindset and applied it to his music career and hasn’t looked back since.

Seattle artist PeacefulPinder is an inspiring figure who represents peace and love during these crazy times. PeacefulPinder was inspired by the negative events he’s experienced to make music to help youth and people in general experiencing similar sufferings and adversity. Recently dropping his new EP titled “LUV Vibrationz” on September 25th PeacefulPinder hits his tracks with a smooth, melodic flow and catchy melodies that keep you coming back for more.

Truly an inspiration for many, PeacefulPinder continues to level up no matter what adversity he is facing. He looks to be a lighthouse that others can look for when they hit a rough patch in the ocean of life as well as motivate them to make a change and look at things with a different perspective. Stay tuned into Peaceful Pinder as he looks to make big moves as 2020 wraps up.

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