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Exclusive Interview: Mezuo talks leveraging film and business background for debut music visual release of “30”

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For Mezuo’s latest release of his debut visual for “30”, he delivers a cinematic experience that showcases his wide breadth of talent in Music, Film, & TV. We tapped in with the multi-hyphenate in the midst of his campaign to gain some insight on the layers of the rollout for his debut music visual, “30” 

So Mezuo, talk to us about your background in entertainment. What does that all consist of?

I’ll start by saying I appreciate y’all for the interview. So I identify as a multi-hyphenate Rapper/Producer/Screenwriter. I have a degree in Marketing from The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business with a minor concentration in Screenwriting and Directing. The music surfaced early on in HS when I rapped in a cypher during a summer program at Columbia University in NYC. I started writing, making beats, and performing within the next year and some change. The journey’s been wild but fast forward through alot of Hollywood hoops and here we are. “30” Official Film out now. 

Tell us about “30” and what inspired the song? 

I produced the record December 2017 which was the end of my first full year in LA. The beat came about from wanting to make something simplistic that knocked…alot. I freestyled over the beat to capture the hook melodies. Conceptually, I’ll say that I was in one of the more dramatic periods of my life as my relationship of almost 3 years was on very hot water. I was simultaneously hitting major strides in LA as I had just caught my first major blog placement and interview in the city, released my first single since moving from Texas, and I was 2 months away from my first show in LA that I was co-producing. Additionally, I had just gained major industry access with events in the city within the last 2 months. 

When you watch the visual, you can very easily see where this idea of thinking too much about the future and not being able to focus on the present originated from. It was REAL LIFE. My life was changing right before my eyes and “30” depicts how I was responding to everything mentally. I took what was happening around me and exaggerated the circumstances to create a conflict in the record. I’m telling my girl at the time that I couldn’t be the best me in the relationship because I had “30 on me” and everything that came with that idea. 

I see you had an Advanced Screening for the visual Pre-Covid. What were the intentions behind the campaign? 

Differentiation and the need for a widespread return on investment to reinvest back into the campaign. We never wanted to just put the video out and we didn’t think that would be sufficient in this digital climate. We wanted to position the video as a film based on the cinematic creative direction. This concept drove that home. We wanted to make moves that our audience could get excited about and support in a unique way. 

What is the best advice you have been given in the music industry? 

Nobody owes you anything and don’t expect anybody to do anything for you. It’s guided a self-sufficient mentality that’s amplified by working in close proximity with my team to make moves in the game. I now know the definition of “put yourself on.” 

Where can we find your music and music projects?

The records are everywhere. Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, IG, wherever you want it. Also, grab it on the site at 

What are your plans for any future releases? 

More music before the end of the year. That’s on me. Stay locked to the site.

What is next for you? 

More pressure to be applied in the broader entertainment industry. More successes. Stay tuned.

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