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A Touch Of Magic – Getting To Know Underdog Music’s Creative Director King Wizard

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Getting on a zoom call with King Wizard was quite the experience. The first thing I saw was his bright multi colored robe and golden crown, King Wizard certainly lives up to his name. His reputation within the industry as a creative genius is matched by a unique aura in the way he presents himself. As soon as I started speaking with him I immediately noticed his incredibly calm demeanor and also his charm. “Meditation is at the core of my serenity” explained Wizard with a wry smile, when I asked him about how he kept his cool while living such a hectic lifestyle.

We then delved further into Wizard’s new venture Underdog Music that he recently set up along with partners A&R mogul Oliver ‘Big Papa’ Harvey and young prodigy Alderman. “We believe in meritocracy” states Wizard. ‘We’re here for artists and producers who have massive talent and haven’t been handed everything on a plate – whether they’ve already conquered the industry off their own backs or are just starting out.’ I asked him more about his role of creative director within the company. “It’s an oxymoron really – creativity is the source of the direction. We just facilitate that creativity and make it real.”

Speaking further with King Wizard I ask him what he thinks the recipe to success is for independent artists. ‘Teamwork makes the dream work! Everything valuable that has been created by humanity required multiple minds and multiple wills to come to fruition. Big Papa and Alderman are both super intelligent and stand up guys. Independently we are strong but when we come together we are an unstoppable force for positive change. When we get fully behind an artist, the massive growth we can facilitate amazes me every time.”




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