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Valentin Sotomayor comes full circle with launch of music advertising agency designed to help artists

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Valentin Sotomayor has had a deep interest in music since he was a young boy growing up Kissimmee, Florida. He cites 50 Cent’s debut, “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’,” and “1999” by Joey Bada$$ as two of his favorite music projects, and he also cites Bada$$ as one of the best artists he has seen live.

During his senior year of high school, Sotomayor’s little brother died in his sleep of a seizure. Deeply affected by this loss, he resorted to making “bad choices” in order to cope with the pain he felt.

A short time later, Sotomayor, also known as Frvnch, ran into an old friend of his, Randy Santos, who delegated a lot of his time to making music. The two of them ended up forming a music collective, where they recorded and did shows together.

However, as time went on and he became increasingly frustrated with lack of progress in his music career, Sotomayor put the mic down.

Now, he is flipping the script by helping other artists the same way his favorite hip-hop heroes did when he was growing up.

Citing a high level of talent within the music industry but not enough promotion, Sotomayor has launched a musical advertising agency aimed at helping underground artists gain more exposure.

Sotomayor has already worked with artists such as 2litt, timmy2gunna and Lil Wavve, all of whom have blown up on the TikTok social media platform. He has also worked with Bingz, who has done millions in streaming numbers on Spotify.

Sotomayor said he is inspired by music industry giants such as Steven Victor and DJ Khaled, and he only wants to grow his empire in the coming years.




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