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Is Ace Dillinger New York’s Newest Rising Star?

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Ace Dillinger’s untapped potential and immense versatility is on full display with his latest release “Wa$ted Talent”, now streaming on all platforms! Between his undeniably melodic cadence and meaningful lyrics, this by far is his best release yet. This song paints a powerful image and insight of social injustices many black men face in America, “…They try to lock us in a cell.. try to put us in a cage..” remarked Dillinger, a Harlem native. 
This song sheds a melodic light on an influx of social issues without making one go into deep thought, contrary to most “conscious rappers” while still being exactly that. Be sure to look out for this stud! His untapped potential is immense, and to be fair, this guy is one of the most versatile artists I’ve seen. The best part is that every song is merely a freestyle. No writing. Ever! You can find Ace Dillinger on Instagram @acedillingerr.

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