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Lauren Dascalo: The Ultimate California Girl And Content Creator

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At just 22 years old, Lauren Dascalo is one of the most sought-after influencers in California, with nearly a million followers on Instagram. Most of the content she shares daily with her loyal followers are stunning pictures of herself, but she also posts motivational and mental health content on her social media. Lauren makes a living by creating content for brands that want to market their products or services to her many followers.


Lauren burst into the social media limelight when she was recruited to be part of the original Team 10 by YouTuber Jake Paul. Team 10 was an incubator for rising social media influencers and it helped Lauren to gain massive online exposure and popularity. She broke away from the group and is now an insanely popular fitness model on Instagram. The hundreds of thousands of people who follow her on the social media channel are inspired by her looks, authentic personality, and down-to-earth demeanor.


Because of her popularity, Lauren Dascalo has, over the years, been able to work with multiple top brands. Some of the top brands she has worked with include Bang Energy, Revolve, Pretty Little Thing, and Fashion Nova. She mainly uses her Instagram and YouTube platforms to market content for her clients.


Unlike many influencers, this Instagram bombshell stays true to her brand. She only does fitness, fashion, and lifestyle influencing. For this reason, she only gets into paid partnerships with brands that are authentic to who she is. If a partnership or deal is not authentic, Lauren stays away. It is a challenge to stay on brand, according to Lauren, but it is something she has to do. True authenticity is one of the things that define her, along with her creativity.


Lauren learned a lot from her experience at Team 10 and from working with top influencing brands over the last two years. She attributes her creativity to her experience at Team 10. She also works with a team of skilled and talented individuals who contribute to her creative strategy. Despite being creative and having a great team around her, Lauren still faces challenges from time to time.


Her secret weapon for overcoming challenges is having a positive mindset. According to the model, staying positive when setbacks come up is important. It helps with moving forward and pushing through when things get tough. Lauren also visualizes her success and reminds herself of the progress she has made when things get tough. All of these tricks and exercises help her move forward when she feels like she’s really in the thick of it.


As of now, Lauren is focused on building partnerships with brands and influencers in her niche. She believes her strong work ethic, unique content, and professionalism will bring her greater success. Soon, she plans to expand her influencing business by creating ebooks, starting fitness coaching, and creating a podcast. She also hopes to start a fitness apparel and loungewear brand, a supplement company, and a skincare brand.


If you are interested in partnering with Lauren or getting to know more about her and her brand, you can find her on Instagram at @laurendascalo.

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