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“Hold Me Down” Mesa feat. Vado

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Mesa has been on our radar for some time now as one of Jersey’s top rappers with a substantial fan base and some heavy co-signers behind him. The West New York, NJ naitive is becoming one of the most buzzed about new artists in the music industry. One of Mesas most talked about tracks “On Da Road” off his ‘King Of West New York’ album, along with his catalog reaching tens of millions of plays across platforms independently, makes Mesa’s on-going success inevitable. 

    Already knowing exactly what he’s after, you can hear the boss mentality and attention to detail throughout his albums. From struggles to triumphs, the metaphorical hip hop sensation brings bars back to rap. This isn’t that kind of sing-song, autotuned rap that has become the sound of the industry in recent years, this is real hip-hop. That TuPac mixed with Drake, that Biggie with a little old-school Kanye type vibes. The balance Mesa has created on his current album, ‘THE AUGUST LP VOL 2’ has not only grasped the attention of major labels, but has caught traction globally. 

        With over 200k monthly subscribers, Mesa’s features give his fans a ride through the culture with legends and staples in the game such as the great Fred The Godson, Jersey’s Albee Al, Harlem’s Smoke Dza and Vado, freestyle battle kings Tsu Surf, Cassidy, Oun-P, the biggest blogger in the world ItsBizkit, Grammy-winning songwriter Justin Love, “Say No More” rapper Roxxanne Montana, Nate Dogg’s son Nhale and HOT97’s SoDrewski just to name a few. Strategically not building his career solely on talent, but a business mindset, which artists often fail to do, Mesa was fortunate to venture with finance company Sound Royalties who base their partnerships on artists who have complete ownership of their masters and publishing. 

We can’t wait to see what Mesa has in store for the future, as it only gets brighter for this entrepreneur. Click the link below to stay in the loop for upcoming shows and releases.

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