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Meet Myke Rook: Rising Artist & CEO Who Is Bridging Gaps

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Myke Rook, formally known as “Tha Counselor,” is a rapper and artist based in Long Island, New York. Born in Turkey, Myke moved to the United States to small town called Jackson, Michigan. Traveling between Turkey, Michigan, and New York throughout his childhood, Rook used music as therapy to express his struggles between the different cultures. Whether he raps in his native language of Turkish, or speaks about problems happening in the cities he resides in, he uses his music to unite and make a positive change in the communities around him.

Myke is also the CEO of ‘TAP 224’, which stands for ‘Truth Always Prospers 2Day 2Morrow 4Ever.’

His mission is to spread peace, love and positivity through his music and clothing. What inspires him to do so is seeing the state of the world and how everyone is currently so divided. He wants to bring a bridge between different races and cultures with the music he makes and always gives credit to the Most High. Myke is gearing up the release of his new EP “Don’t Judge A Rook By It’s Cover,” which is slated to arrive late October.

The project will be a more personal venture for him, to give people a better look of who he truly is as an artist. He uses music to cope with his life and his struggles, so he hopes he can do the same through his own for others. Inspire others to be the best versions of themselves and to always believe in themselves, while manifesting their success. Whatever they deem that to be.

Be sure to stay tuned for what Myke Rook has in store in the coming months.

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