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Jared Anthony’s “Change” Receives over 1.5 Million Youtube Streams

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Jared Anthony is an up-and-coming recording artist from Kingsville, Ontario. The young artist began his musical journey at the age of fourteen when he started creating music for fun on the Apple application Garage Band. Since then, he’s found a genuine love for making melodies.


When asked about his music, Jared describes it as melodic hip-hop with a catchy sound. He takes inspiration from fellow artists like Arizona Zervas, Juice Wrld, and Trevor Daniel, but has created his own personalized sound.


His lyrics are constructed with relatability in mind, but they stem from personal life experiences. Heartbreak, relationships, anxiety, and depression are some of the topics he’s covered in his music thus far, which have generated some relatable songs.


The creativity is Jared’s favorite part of the entire process. He begins with a melody, then adds on what he refers to as, “Meaningful, yet slick, soothing sounds.” Once he’s got the base down, he layers on harmonies to create more depth.


Jared’s talent has gotten him quite popular, with one of his songs, ‘Change,’ getting over 1.5 million Youtube streams. The young artist has also collaborated with a few different people, including Youtube channel ‘Promoting Sounds’ and fellow rappers Daddex and Nate Good.


“Mayday” Featured on NBA2K21


Recently, Jared announced that his song, ‘Mayday,’ will be featured on NBA2k21; an impressive accomplishment he should rightfully be proud of. Jared has also released multiple new singles in the last few months, and once things settle down with the pandemic, he hopes to be able to tour again and interact with fans.


One of Jared’s favorite venues to play was St. Andrew’s Hall, located in Detroit, Michigan. Another one of his dream locations to play at is the music festival, Rolling Loud, in Los Angeles.


Another dream of his is to eventually collab with fellow Canadian rapper, Drake. Indeed, it’s quite the goal to accomplish, but with the continuing success that Jared has been gaining, it may not be too far out of reach.

When he’s not creating and stashing music for the future, you can find Jared on his Instagram, @whoisjaredanothony, where he posts snippets and sneak peeks of all upcoming projects. You can also see him frequently going live and interacting with fans. But for now, keep an eye out for the constant singles he’s been releasing.

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