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‘The Jit That Hit’, Mill Tiket Gives Us Another One!

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Second only to da Vinci’s iconic Mona Lisa, Edvard Munch’s The Scream may be the most recognizable portrait in the history of Western art. Referenced in everything from Home Alone to horror movie Scream, the 120-year-old painting depicts an asexual figure standing on a bridge. It has a skull-like head, large eyes, flaring nostrils, an egg-shaped mouth and hands pressed against a stretched-out, grieving face.

Representing the pain, anxiety and innermost troubles associated with the complexities of life, the illustration has been ingrained in the consciousness of popular culture. According to the artist, the origin of the painting as well as all other artforms “comes from joy and pain…but mostly from pain.”

If his sentiments are true, then it’s no wonder why another form of art—rap music—has captured the hearts and imaginations of so many suffering people around the world. Of these bleeding hearts who have poured their pains, frustrations and agonies into their art is Florida producer/ rapper Mill Tiket.

He has transformed his childhood trauma into grown man music and is becoming one of the most recognizable talents from the Sunshine State. As a producer, his skills have been courted by the likes of Def Jam Recordings artist YK Osirus as well as popular rappers Julio Foolio, Mook Boy, Glokk Nine, Dee Watkins and many more.

As a rapper, he has captivated fans with his fluid flow, transparent rhymes and brutal honesty with singles like the introspective “My Reality,” love song “Bag On You” featuring Mook Boy and “It Ain’t Safe” featuring FSG Bangout. And with the late summer release of his upcoming debut album The Jit That Hit, Mill Tiket is on his way to being the voice of the tormented masses.

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