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Exclusive Interview: Rising ATL Rapper Heaven Vaniece Talks Her Debut Single “Atlanta”

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  1. Heaven Vaniece is set to take off this Fall as she is releasing her hit single “Atlanta.” The video for it was released on November 26, 2019 but it is now receiving the recognition it deserves. To celebrate the success, the single is having its official release 9/24 and she is holding her release party at Penthouse Lounge in the A! I recently had some time to talk with her over the phone and we had a breezy conversation as we discussed the reason behind the single’s delay as well as her upbringing into the music game. Check out the full interview below and make sure you’re in attendance for her release party. Enjoy!

Hey Heaven! Thanks for chatting with me today. Congratulations on your single “Atlanta” that is about to drop. I noticed you dropped the video 9 months ago.

The song was supposed to come out before the video but I just dropped the video instead. Everything about the video I did on my own so the song wasn’t dropped. Things just didn’t go through but now everything is and I am more ready than ever.

I’m assuming because you had that 9 month gap you’ve had a lot of growth during that time.

Of course, well with the song there were a few complications so that’s why it took the longest. For my flow, it changed over the time. The way I’ve been writing changed as well. A lot has changed in a matter of months.

I noticed in the video you had a unique flow and I am thinking maybe half of it is because your Atlanta accent.  Are you born and raised in Atlanta?

Yes I was born in Decatur and I was raised on the southside.

So you never left ATL? Also, what makes a real Atlanta woman?

You really just have to rep where you’re from and you just have to be yourself.

I really want to know about your upbringing. What kind of family do you come from?

I didn’t grow up in a 2 parent home. My mom played both parts and it was just the four of us in the home.

When did music come into play. Did you live in a musical household?

I wouldn’t say my dad but he is a known rapper in Kansas City. His name is Rich The Factor. For the music, I can’t really say where it came from. I was just born to do it. I write every day and at one point, I had to do my own production as well.

Can you tell us about that exact moment that triggered you to write a song.

I used to sing songs back then but when it came to the rapping, it was when Dae Dae had that song called “What You Mean.” I posted  it on twitter. I did the freestyle and it just blew up.

Were you nervous to release your first freestyle not knowing what people are going to think of you?

Sort of. I knew I could rap though! That’s when everybody was doing the what you mean challenge so I knew I could do it too.

Would you say you get a lot of respect in Atlanta?

Of course! Most definitely!

What are the few traits you have that got you to where you are today?

Sticking to what I say and do. If you start something finish it. Find your own way and make your own route.

You are doing a great job with that. You’re really rapping and expressing who you are.

Yeah, for sure!

What’s next for you? Are you remaking the music video? What is the roll out plan?

Definitely not dropping a new video but we are going to drop the song for sure.

I really want to see you perform too!  How are we supposed to do that with COVID?

I performed plenty of times before the virus hit and I loved it. Never performed in front of a huge crowd through. So for now, I am releasing the “Atlanta” single and dropping another one of my singles on a Grammy nominated producers beat. Its called “Dumb Dumb” and it is produced by SG Hazel.

Music journalist based in ATL but from VA. Connect: @tracymitchellva

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