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“Tegi releases his much anticipated single “Before U Go” with Sasha Krut”

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“Tegi just put out his latest banger with Sasha Krut called “Before U Go” and let me tell you, it’s a straight up club rocker. He starts off the track with a mellow vibe and catchy melody and then Sasha Krut’s vocals come in with a soothing touch, and then comes an aggressive build up and drop. Sound design is off the chain, definitely something you have to listen to more than one time. Tegi is a rising Producer/DJ from Miami, while Sasha Krut is an up and coming singer from Russia but resides in LA. The combo of these two come in great in this song, and we can’t wait to see what Tegi comes up with next as well as the talented Sasha Krut.

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