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Young social media Entrepreneur Hasan Al Nazer talks about his social media career & legacy

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Hasan, What made you get into the social media world?

I dreamed of becoming famous. I saw many big meme pages on Instagram so I decided to start buying and growing pages and using them to promote ads for other people. I now do this for a living.

Do you also do Spotify play-listing and promotions? If so how did you get into that?

I worked with many big rappers and celebrities before, I actually sold an instagram page to Ray J with about 100k Instagram followers!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Building an even bigger empire and investing more of my profits from social media into real-estate.

How much did your online business grow now compared to when you first started?

I haven’t been doing well. To start the year I was averaging $5000 a month from social media, I was very young an unexperienced. Now I make well over 6 figures.

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Generational Wealth, becoming one of the greatest Social Media entrepreneurs of all time . My kids must never work for anyone but be their own bosses from the day they are born.

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