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Tsunari Breaks Industry Barriers With Release Of “Tae Wada”

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Tsunari, a singer from London, has just cashed in on potentially her biggest single yet called “Tae Wada.” Being a bilingual song, Tsunari is positively changing the game by connecting cultures together by mixing languages. With not too many artists doing this, it’s clear Tsunari is here to make a difference inside and outside of music.


The energy Tsunari brings to her new single “Tae Wada” is second to none. Right away when listening, you become immersed in her vocals as she brings in the chorus. About halfway into the song, she then showcases her rapping abilities on the track. With the singing and rapping coming together, it makes for a perfect balance making “Tae Wada” feel good throughout.


From singing to rapping, combining multiple languages, Tsunari’s new single has something for everyone who listens. With her creating this diversity in her music, the young London artist is paving the way for artists who wish to do the same.


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