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Izzy La Reina Shares Her Perspective On Feminism In Music

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Maya Angelou always had powerful ideologies to share with the world. She once affirmed that “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” These are affirmations that remind us of the importance of standing out. Especially for women who are consistently looked down upon because of their gender. Feminism is becoming a more familiar term in our societies. A concept that reminds everyone that life is not a competition between men and women but rather, a collaboration that promises desirable outcomes. Can music be used to foster feminism ideals? Izzy La Reina believes this is possible and asserts that every woman deserves to exist and take up space in this world dominated by men.

The music industry is a perfect example of a professional realm where women are stereotyped because of their gender, inequities, and physical appearance. Izzy La Reina knows this too well, and this is one of the reasons she ventured to become an artist. Known to many as Israela Claro, she is a renowned singer and dancer from Rio de Janeiro. She’s currently pursuing a music career in the U.S. and brings a taste of Latino culture in her songs, an approach that gives her relevance. She recently realized that she could do more to foster a positive mindset within her audience that is majorly made up of women from all age groups.

Izzy La Reina started singing at a young age, and her Dad was instrumental in nurturing her talent because he was also a musician. She soon noticed the unfair biasness that characterized the music business. The active discrimination towards women trying out a career as singers has been evident for a long time. Izzy La Reina reiterates that no amount of privilege and status will give a woman an advantage over men. A cultured mentality that is apparent among most individuals she has interacted with.

The likes of Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Katy Perry have transitioned to become one of the best female artists of our time. Izzy La Reina adores these personalities because they create music that fosters feministic appeals. This is the new popular culture that has been embraced by almost every female musician. Our communities can disintegrate if women are consistently informed on how to recognize their power and privileges. What better way to do this by coming up with insightful lyrics and performances that evoke such analogies. Izzy La Reina wants to follow in the footsteps of prominent female artists who have used these techniques to influence women with the right mindset for better living.

As a modern-day feminist, Izzy La Reina wishes the music industry can change for the better. She is a women’s rights actor and activist, amplifying feminism ideals in her place of work and recording studios. She does this to show men that fairness is one way towards achieving a collaborative mindset among musicians. More can be achieved if people decide to work together for the common good rather than focusing entirely on personal fulfillment. The future of the music business depends on how easily new artists can be integrated into the game, including women.

Izzy La Reina wants her fans to know that she is not free if other women are unfree. Even if their shackles are different from hers. She wants to make a difference by spreading feminism ideals to the world

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