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Tally T: The Queen Of Seattle

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Seattle Washington has a new artist who’s blowing up fast online. She goes by the name of Tally T. She recently released her music video for her first song ever, “Top Notch,” and she’s already being looked at as a major artist by many of the top players within the music industry.

Tally T’s vibe is absolutely contagious as she represents women across the globe, letting them know they can be themself no matter the opinion of others. She originally gained popular within her school as she was awarded “Artist of the Month” back in May of 2020, so now she feels that it’s time to let the world know who she is. Not only is she gaining traction online at a surprisingly fast rate, but fans are also comparing her to world wide icons like Nicki Minaj or even Cardi B. Tally T is definitely an artist you want to keep a close watch on, as we currently predict she will be a profitable act within the next six months to a year max.

Make sure to follow Tally T on all social media platforms @tallysthrone in order to stay up to date with all content being released by the current Queen of Seattle.

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