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Meet Yola Ktwo, The Texas Native Who’s Making Headlines Across The World!

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Yola Ktwo has slowly but surely been building his brand in rap music for a little while now. He has an ear for the genre’s latest trends, but where he differentiates himself from the rest of the pack is how he employs other contemporary influences to create a brand new sound and style.

With his hit song, “Tellin Ya,” Ktwo has not only come correct once again, but has also managed to refine his sound more than ever before, and the end result is one of his moodiest, most irresistible tracks to date.

The atmospheric production is nocturnal and dark, invoking images of a late night burn cruise or toned-down dance party. The staccato base hits pack a lot of punch in how they resonate with the listener, and the hi-hats set a swift pace; a skeletal and stripped back aesthetic is created when all of the musical elements come together as a perfect whole.

While the instrumental carries a lot of weight by itself, it’s what Ktwo does with it that really makes this song a gem.

Because of the lo-fi vibes, Ktwo is easily allowed to take center stage, and he doesn’t disappoint. His bars are playful, animated and teeming with personality, and his easy going confidence makes him a very likable character on the mic.

Ktwo has a lot of technical skill in how he employs his voice on a track, and “Tellin Ya” is a prime example of that. In an era where rapping/singing at the same time is the norm, Ktwo shows he has carved out his own niche with all of the different vocal aspects he brings to the table.

Ktwo’s utilizes a bouncy triplet flow in his verses, taking the listener through a myriad of peaks and valleys with all of the different vocal inflections he has at his disposal. While he does resort to straight rapping at points, there are other times where he unleashes a somber autotune croon, and this is where he is at his best — letting his voice stretch out on a track like warm mozzarella.

What’s also impressive about Ktwo’s singing voice is the amount of range he has. He is not afraid to reach up into the higher register of his vocal range, and he effortlessly descends into the lower ranges at the flip of a hat. Despite this, he never loses his sense of passion, emotion or breath control.

Another standout element of “Tellin Ya” is all of the vocal ad-libs that play throughout. Although there is a certain fire burning already with the intensity of Ktwo’s rhymes, the vocal ad-libs at the end of each line add an extra flare to a track already filled to the brim with excitement.

The modern hip-hop landscape is crowded and oversaturated with artists all trying to do the same thing, and it’s harder than ever for one to truly make a name for themselves as a result. However, with “Tellin Ya,” Yola Ktwo does a balancing act between tastefully employing trendy musical elements in his music, while also adding a large dose of his own personality to go with it. That is a balancing act that will serve him well going forward.


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