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StayLitG New Single June

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Before you even think about creating a release strategy that will give your album the recognition it deserves, you need to first figure out yourself. The one major thing that separates the artists who have diehard fans from those who have merely passive listeners––or worse, pity supporters––is one thing: I, Artist.

We’re all artists. We create art. But to become an Artist with a capital A requires a helluva lot more than just “great music.”

So, how do you go from an artist to an Artist? Of course, creating exceptional music is step one. But every great artist can do this. You need to showcase that you are so much more than just someone who can make great music.

Artists not only tap into a higher consciousness, but guide their followers to explore states of existence outside the daily mundane. Artists inspire those who are willing to open up and challenge their states of being.

The greatest Artists can inspire a generation into action. Or a couple in to love.

StayLitG is a name you should get familiar with. Growing up in between Virginia & Somalia, he came onto the music scene in 2018, but not as an artist, as a very well known promoter / dot connector. Fast forward he now has music out in 2020 and has formed relationships with artists such as Pressa, Roddy Richs Team, YSL Camp, XO, etc. Be on the lookout and Stream his new single “JUNE”

Grabbing influence from different shifts of culture from living in Somalia and Virginia are a huge part of StaylitG’s story. He references gaining inspiration from not only big afro-beats artist such as Burna Boy but also the gate keepers of Virginia such as Timbaland, Pharrell and The Clipse.



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