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Bailey Kale Takes A Stand On “I Can’t Breathe”

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Hailing from La Crosse, Wisconsin, Bailey Kale has been making quality music from his bedroom for quite some time. Kale grew up a star athlete, and for many years put his music career on the back burner. More recently, Kale has been taking his craft more seriously, and you can tell.

Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson and Chris Brown, Kale’s talent surpasses many other artists already in the industry. Not only is his sound pleasing to the ear, but the message behind his lyrics are easily relatable and positive. Well known as a former basketball superstar in his area, Kale knows the importance of reflecting a positive message on the youth in his community.

No where is Kale’s talent better displayed than on his track “I Can’t Breathe”. The track addresses some of the racial issues going on in the world today. Kale points towards love instead of hate, and creating friendships instead of enemies. He also pushes for more awareness of the issues and for more equality in our society.

The track features Kale’s breathtaking vocals layered over a full sounding grand piano. The instrumental is simple, giving Kale just the perfect amount of space he needed to make his impression. The track was accompanied by a music video, adding depth to the overall release.

Kale has a bright future in the music industry. With so much talent, and ability to be diverse within his genre, Kale could easily become another super star of his generation. This time on the stage instead of on the court. With new music on the way, stay tuned to the young creative below.


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