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5 Best Moments From 50 Cent’s Interview on Thisis50!

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“His dad is a whole sucka” – 50 Cent talking as Kanan Stark

Curtis “ 50 Cent” Jackson is promoting his upcoming show Power Book II: Ghost and stopped by for a conversation with June Archer as a ThisIs50 exclusive. Here are the best 5 best quotes besides the obvious winner here shown above.

1- “I get excited at NAACP awards” – When asked about being snubbed by other award shows. Choosing to highlight what matters to him while explaining his standing being number one in Black and Latin viewership and being snubbed. “The show is number one for African Americans and Latinas, how did we not get an opportunity to lose. Not win, just lose.” Showcasing exactly the racial inequalities we face in America today.

2- “Nobody wants to remember who told me no” – Speaking on his multiple shows on different networks, 50 says he holds no grudges but seems to suggest he always remembers. “Nobody wants to be responsible for the shit being across the street.” Curtis Jackson understands that his success across multiple networks now has his show pitches being taken more serious.

3- “If he’s not lying to you how is it wrong? Because you’re learning the truth at the wrong time” We see exactly why this man has sold countless millions of records when he drops gems like these. 50 went deep into Power moments during this segment speaking about the growth of Michael Rainey as well as Tariq.

4- “While Nikon and Canon were competing to who can make the best camera, Apple and Samsung put the cameras in our hands in the phone” Discussing police brutality he describes why its such a front facing issue now, as 50 Cent explains how he grew up knowing this is how you are treated by police.

5- “You said a line a bitch was supposed to say and made it sound cool” Okay he’s actually reading an Eminem text here but this is gold. Eminem was genuinely impressed by 50 Cent’s line on the Pop Smoke song ‘The Woo’, and just had to text 50 to let him know.

Catch these and other classic quotes from 50 here:

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