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TruRebel Migs Brings a New Heat Wave To LA With His EP “Lust, Love & War – Detox & Quarantine”

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Since the beginning of the recent global pandemic, there have been tons of new music releases from artists everywhere in the US. TruRebel Migs’ brings a fiery addition to the trend with his newest project “LUST, LOVE & WAR – DETOX & QUARANTINE”. The project features four quality tracks that all bring “big hit” potential.

One song to highlight from the project is track three, called “Loyal”. TruRebel Migs brings an honest performance about how people will never love you like you think they will. Being so real, the track has resonated with listeners, gaining more than 200 thousand streams within a few months.

TruRebel Migs is a New York City artist that has recently been hitting it big in the LA limelight. Taking advantage of a nationwide quarantine, TruRebel Migs has marketed his project to everyone staying at home, picking the perfect time to release his hottest project yet.

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