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SK David is a New Orleans rapper from Gentilly looking to shake up the industry

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Growing up in New Orleans, SK had the opportunity to witness some of the greats including rappers like Lil Wayne and Master P. Now he’s crafting his own lane. The rapper’s first album GENTRILLY, debuted in 2018. After accumulating some major success, he’s preparing for his October release of California Lifestyle.
Before moving out west, much of David’s life was spent growing up in the Gentilly neighborhood located between the 7th and 8th ward of New Orleans. Although music was flourishing in the city, it wasn’t always the safest place to live — at the time, some were referring to the city as “The Murder Capital”.
In 2005, Hurricane Katrina forced SK and his family to leave everything behind. Although he didn’t know it at the time, the tragedy would bring him closer to music. While moving between states the rapper found himself listening intently to artists like Boosie, Lil Wayne, and Curren$y. “Each state had influenced the music that I listened too, a lot of people don’t realize this but back then Soulja Boy was huge in Mississippi. ”
Each of those experiences formed SK into the man and rapper that he is today. The diverse cultures and styles that he witnessed eventually made their way into his music. SK has a variety of different tones that he uses when making a track. This includes his deeper speaking voice, a lighter singing voice, and autotune effects.
“The idea for switching up the flows and the voices came from my early performances. Back in High school my friends and I were well known for throwing some of the biggest parties in New Orleans. I’d get up on the stage and just rap, people loved it, especially when I would switch my flow on each beat. ”
After finishing his senior year, SK received a full-ride academic scholarship to Louisiana State University. In between his advertising classes, he studied up on music and entrepreneurship allowing him to launch his first album under his very own record label.
GENTRILLY, the album and Generation Trill, the label are both named in honor of his Louisiana upbringing. Through every phase in life, David has always found ways to keep home close.
“Even as I evolve, I will never forget where I’m from.”
California Lifestyle, will be a sonic representation of his evolution from the Gentilly streets to LA penthouses, and while fans wait David plans to drop visuals and singles alike.

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