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CityBoy! – Anguish 2

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Washington DC born Cityboy!, currently living in Richmond, VA, grew up between two worlds: with deep ties to rap and fashion and the years he spent soaking up both music and fashion, growing up in the DMV. His timely word skills, deft, heavily auto tuned arrangements, and songwriting abilities have landed him in the spotlight in North America and garnering critical acclaim from media outlets.
Cityboy! started his career early, crafting his first project when he was just out of high school. Since then, he’s gone on to release more material, working with Cyrax and Black Kray.  Inspirations include himself, and Black Kray.
Aside from music, this guy has a crazy fashion sense, and is ahead of the game, style wise with not only his music but outfit choices as well. Cityboy! has the perfect cross over appeal from lofi / underground to pop / mainstream. I have a lot of faith this guy can connect the bridge between the two.
New project Anguish 2 out now on all platforms. Inspirations include himself, and Black Kray now out on all platforms.

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