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Niro Gotti Drops New EP “Mamba Gotti”

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Niro Gotti Is back and better than ever with his new EP “Mamba Gotti”. A tribute to what many would say Is the greatest Basketball player of all time, Kobe Bryant. The 8 track EP Features MacWiz and well known R&B singer Tyus. Each track brings its own unique vibe to the project, and truly is not easy to pin to any specific genre. The blend of Smooth R&B tones on tracks like “Good Guy” contrast brilliantly with the more Rap Style records like “Bite Down” giving the listener a full sonic experience throughout.

The Intro to the EP and title track “Mamba Gotti” quickly set the tone for the project. Niro shows off his melodic ability and speaks on his life as a young artist. His boss mentality along with his musical drive comes across clear and concise in the record.

“I sit back I observe a lot, yeah. If you want It you got to come and earn your spot, yeah.”

Being that Niro Gotti is from Portland (A.K.A The City Of The Roses) It is only right that he teamed up with one of the largest artists out of the city. Tyus starts off the 3rd track titled “Luv” with his signature slow rap approach. Effortlessly flowing through the first 45 seconds of the track.

Coming from a City not well known for its Hip-Hop/ Pop music scene, Niro Gotti Is starting to make a name for himself. His consistency and unique sound are the recipe for success, and he is an artist everyone is going to want to keep their eyes on. As the summer slowly fades and the rain begins to fall “Mamba Gotti” Is a perfect soundtrack for the times. Go stream + share “Mamba Gotti” now on all streaming platforms.

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