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Good Reads For Love & Hip-Hop Conversations: Check Out New Book, Cheating Is Not Cheating

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We all know that a lot of our men need to understand the nature of themselves along with guiding women to their understanding. The author, Naiym “Wolf Dingle” – reaches his readers with a powerful message solving typical relationship problems for young adults. This 5-star rated book is said to answer the specific questions on why men cheat, why women cheat, why she forgave him, and why he didn’t forgive her – as well as how to forgive.

This book is the real deal and by the looks of it, it’s about to be nationwide best seller! When Wolf was asked what inspired him to write the book, he said he wanted to restore a generation that’s suffering from bad relationships due to lack of understanding is the solution to everything and the cure for ignorance! The book can inspire all of those struggling with love and its many questions.


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