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Jahn Don – Freshman Album “The Sawce”

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Jahn Don’s debut album has just been released on all platforms. The unique sounding artist has collabed with international producers around the world. “The Sawce” has 12 songs on the project that brings Jahn Don’s personal experiences and life stories to art. Mainly the album has high energy, and some slow melodic tracks that explains different sides of his life and artistry. Don utilizes a combination of melodic flows and hard-hitting bars in his music. Don is experimenting with a combination of uptempo trap beats and slower tempo lo-fi sounds. The Sawce movement is still growing, but it’ll be another way to inspire his fan base to go out and chase their dreams. Sawce means having a “mouthpiece”, knowing how to talk smoothly and achieve the things you want out of life. Listen to Jahn Don’s Freshman Album “The Sawce”!

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