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Niro Gotti – “Genie”

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Growing up in Portland, Oregon a city not known for its Pop/ Hip-Hop scene, Niro Gotti has begun making a name for himself. The young artist stands out as a true lyricist with top level melodic ability. The versatility of Niro Gotti shines through clearly on his new hit track “Genie” where he seamlessly flows clean unique melodies over the polished elevated production. This fluid approach to songwriting is a refreshing take, and instantly ranks Niro Gotti in the top 5 artists coming up out of Portland. Although the City Of Roses is not well known for its Pop/ Hip-Hop artists or even its rap culture, the new generation of artists are starting to make a name for themselves, and are bringing a much needed energy to the city.

Niro Gotti has been constantly growing his fan base across platforms, and has already amassed over 3,000 followers on his Instagram. Leading the way for the city, and bringing national attention to his art. Growing up with inspirations like Soulja Boy and having a natural ability towards business has served Niro Gotti extremely well. Competition in the industry Is one of the main reasons most artists don’t make it, but dedication and business knowledge can take anyone to places thought unimaginable at first. Niro Gotti has all the skills It takes to succeed, and is well on his way to stardom.

“Vibes all around me, gotta catch a vibe” says Niro Gotti on the new song “Genie”. If you need a new song or artist to add to your playlist check him out right now! Go stream + share the new single, and give him a follow on social media. Keep on the lookout for new music soon from the Portland artist.

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