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Introducing iamkevinrider & His Newest Release “Kastin Krownz”

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Since 2017, iamkevinrider pursued music professionally, and his decision has lead him to create impactful music. With a message of not conforming to the norm, “Kastin Krownz” is one of his most recent releases. 


“The song focuses on taking a stand and doing it now,” the Seattle-based artist described. 


Formerly known as K-Rider, the California native found his passion for writing at a young age of 11 years old. Inspired by his uncle and motivated by his father, his years of writing play a part of his skills as a music artist.


“I am a Christian who raps,” iamkevinrider emphasized. “I am not a rapper who is Christian.” 


iamkevinrider is doing things different. While a majority of the music industry is promoting negativity, the artist focuses on positivity, changing lives, and seeks to leave a legacy. 


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