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Interview with Rising Canadian Rap-Star Jay Honest

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What is your biggest achievement?
I’d have to say signing my recent distribution deal with The Orchard, not only securing a deal for myself, but my entire brand. I wont disclose the % but I absolutely won this one. I’m extremely proud of it

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My Brother was always my biggest inspiration growing up, but as of recently I’ve placed that title onto my kids, they really make me want to be a better person and strive for it.

Where do you see yourself in 1 year?
By next year I see myself working with a big named artist, I feel it in my gut. Its always been a dream of mine to hear myself on songs from artists I listen to daily.

Where are from?
Canadas Capital, The City Of Ottawa

How old are you?
I just turned 26 on August 9th #TeamLEO

Are you currently employed? are you working on any projects?
Before Covid I was working every weekend at Ottawas Best Bar/Restaurant Craft Beer Market. LOVED IT, it’s the first job I hold down for over a year, with people I get along with super well, no drama and got time to work on myself while I was there.

Who’s your top 3 greatest of all time / dead or alive?
XXXtentacion, Prince, Pac

What’s are your goals in the music industry?
To help as many artists as well as myself, achieve success in the industry while avoiding as many snakes, hardships and issues along the way. To help give my children the life I never had growing up as well as to treat myself, I’ve been thru enough to feel I deserve it.

How long have you been making music?
Since I was very young, roughly 3 when my bestfriend/brother introduced me to the world of music (Rest in peace Matthias Foks), since then I’ve been fascinated. Started writing poems for girls in school and by highschool i was writing full songs within an hour. It’s fun and always will be something I do for fun, regardless of the fact I’ve been able to leverage it and make an income.

What’s your next move?
My next move is working on 2021 projects and albums and staying ahead of the curve!

Are you working with any artists in your local scene or internationally?
Yeah i work with a few around Canada such as Ottawa’s Arty Warhol and Toronto’s Papi AQ, but recently worked with Choyce Cincere on ”Cash Guns” from New Jersey, And ”Zama” with Kenyan group Sheddy Empire

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