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Joshsimmons – “Pressure”

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Keon Simmons, known professionally as JoshSimmons, is an American artist, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he embarked on his musical journey and with some local friends became a member of the rap collective “ColDerSaq. The upstart has recently been making headlines with his single Pressure! Since recently charting the Top50 Charts for HipHop/Rap, JoshSimmons has been making a consistent wave and growing his fanbase more and more!

Originally released in mid October of 2019, JoshSimmons released the now chilled trap tune known as “Pressure”. But where did it come from? He and those around him are buzzing with a mix of excitement and anxiety. Scrolling through beat after beat to find that next sound, and then it happens! A face lights up and a hum, followed by mumbled words come out the mouth of the then 20 year old rapper. As his energy picks up so does his confidence, “This is the One”. Of an unassuming amount of beat selections, after browsing thoroughly through, finally a decision is made. Pressure is created.

Simmons and his collective CDS are just getting started. After making a name for himself in the underground Baton Rouge music scene and using social media to build a following, he’s ready to show the world what he’s been working on. In 2020, he plans to release his debut project, “[Demo]” which will feature original new music about growing up in Baton Rouge, not becoming a product of his environment, being an outcast and having fun doing what he loves: making music.


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